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Project Manager

James - He can turn anything into a work of art and attract readers with a genuine and confident approach. From blog posts, social media, copywriting, email listing and anything that needs quality content, James helps manifests a businesses idea and showcases it to a larger audience.


Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer- All round guru and whiz on the computer or by hand. Lewis creates murals across cities, repackages products and tweaks all of our graphic design work. He can help you create a new logo, design some funky art to boost products and has a beautiful and authentic hand-drawn style


Website Developer

David - Able to make websites that are mobile friendly and packed with quality content means good news for those unable to understand code and for those who have been quoted ludicrous numbers for something that can be made simple.


Facebook Ads Specialist

William - When we need some creative input we turn this man. He specialises in paid advertising, marketing distribution, target market, niche creation and platform themes. He’s also a great laugh and when he’s not at work, we can find him using his Sound Engineering degree and helping artists record, mix and master their music.


Film Maker

Jeremy - Needing a television ad? Jeremy is a graduate of Flinders University and if he’s not working on major adverts, he is influencing and advising our team in the directions of film/photography and the effect it has on brand recognition.


Creative Guru

Taz - When in doubt, turn to Taz. He is able to conjure some truly innovative ideas when it comes to reaching a larger audience. He’s a big part of our team and helps Big Branch define themselves against similar agencies.