Frequently Asked Questions

What payment options do you offer?

We accept debit and credit card payment made via Visa, MasterCard or American Express.
If you'd prefer to pay by Bank Deposit, please email or call us and we can arrange this for you. 

How do we communicate between business?
Via mobile phone or email but sometimes certain ideas need a coffee spot, cold beer or glass of wine, business meeting or Skype conference call. We prefer face to face communication for clients but we understand digital communication is key.

Can you manage international clients?
We are able to manage local, interstate and international clients. We currently focus on Australian companies but we do have quite a few overseas customers. First we learn the law in your country in regards to advertising, privacy policies and tax policies. With new international clients we would also evaluate our expertise and only take the role if we were sure our combined experience could grow your current business model.

What are your Terms & Conditions of supply?
Our supply of products to you is subject to our Terms & Conditions, which must be agreed to as part of each order placement. Our Terms & Conditions may change over time, and so we encourage you to review them with each order.