What is Digital Marketing?

To reach an online audience through the use of digital channels such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Email Marketing, Twitter. Every time your company posts on social media you are participating in a form of digital marketing. All we do is simply scale that and include areas that you wouldn’t generally know unless you were in the online marketing and advertising industry. Us digital marketers enjoy abbreviating words, it makes us look intelligent. Here’s a few terms you should understand if you’re attempting digital marketing on your own. We explain these terms to our clients so they can understand what we’re doing behind the scenes.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation; Google, Yahoo, Bing)

  • PPC (Pay Per Clicks; Google Adwords, Facebook Ads)

  • CTR (Click Through Rate; percentage of website clicks)

  • RSS (Really Simple Syndication; subscriber technology)

  • Impressions (the amount of traffic your website reaches)

  • Organic Traffic (visits that are earned not purchased)

  • Paid Traffic (Adwords, Sponsored Content; visits that are purchased)

  • Landing Page (where visitors after clicking external links)

  • Keywords (high-traffic search terms relevant to your business)

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Our Promise

We’re here to help you reach a larger audience. Simply put and simply understood. We are your extra arm of business that invests in funnels in order to bring more attention and respect from customers. Whether you run the town’s best cafe or the worst pizza house on the street, we aim to make life easy for you and by reducing your work on the digital aspect of your business while increasing audience growth.

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  • Pay Per Click Advertisement

  • TripAdvisor Increase

  • Increased Website Traffic

  • Web Development

  • Social Media

  • Content Creator

  • SEO

  • Email Marketing

  • Lead Generation