don't splash. be direct.

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Digital Marketing and Audience Growth experts. We specialise in small businesses with an annual revenue of $7,500,000 or an advertising budget of $300,000 and under.

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Big Branch defines your authority in your companies passion. Understand how you can be the dominant competitor in your market place. Drive revenue by being seen by a larger audience. Improve your companies social media, audience engagement and brand recognition with our team’s help. Create outdoor advertising to get your business noticed or simply build/development a mobile-friendly website. Yes, we track our progress and can prove in under 6 months your return on investment. 



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Our Simple Method

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1. Own Your Space

Target Niche & Dominate

Don’t Splash. Be Direct. We start by identifying the niche your company can dominate. What’s your company passionate about and who’s wanting to hear your message? There is a surplus of information online so it’s best to be aware of our responsibility as content creators. We need to be innovative with our digital marketing approach, we don’t spread your business to those who aren’t interested. We spread your business to a loyal fanbase and targeted niche.

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2. Customer Trust

Invest & Harvest

Don’t market meat products to vegans, lawnmowers to apartment owners or petrol to cyclists. Offer helpful information and create brand recognition. When someone sees your logo, product or service they know they’re in safe hands.

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3. Provide Value

Quality Content

In the digital marketing and media game it’s about providing quality content for your customers. In today’s age there is a surplus of information spread across the internet. If you provide your customers with material that holds value, we end up building a trusted platform to campaign our message or product. .